How to fast copy DVD with 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO?


1 Click DVD Copy Pro is the increase version of 1 Click DVD Copy 5. It contains all functions of 1 Click DVD Copy 5, and add some utilities like following table.
You now have complete control over the final copy. Use the Copy Presets or the more advanced features to select what content will be copied and how much compression will be used. With 1CLICK DVD COPY - PRO, you can make a perfect copy with just one click.

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Product Name: 1 CLICK DVD COPY PRO
OS: Windows All (support Windows 7)
Price: $79.00
Function: DVD Burner, Backup DVD
Update: 03-04-2010
License: Shareware
Editor's Rating: 5-star rating

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How to fast copy DVD with 1 CLICK DVD COPY PRO?

Test Platform

We downloaded, installed, and tested 1Click DVD Copy Pro to run on two test computers. One computer was "Home-Brewed" with an Athlon AMD 64 X2 4800 Dual-Core processor running at 2.4GHz, 1GB of memory, 100GB hard drive, and a Sony DRU-510A DVD/RW drive 32X (CD) and 12X (DVD). The other computer, a Gateway E06500D, with an Intel Pentium(R) running at 3GHz, 1GB of memory, 100GB hard drive, and a Plextor PX-708A DVD/RW drive (40X (CD) and 12X (DVD).

Test Results

The installation was flawless on both test computers. The original DVD movie was "Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl" (2003). The movie runtime was 143 minutes. We elected to put 1Click DVD Copy Pro's feature set to the test and selected from the handy "Copy Preset" menu the option that included the Movie Only feature. Upon inserting the original DVD movie and pressing the "Start" button, 14 minutes lapsed until we were prompted to insert blank DVD media. The DVD movie burning process was just under 8 minutes. We then inserted the copied DVD movie in our DVD player and the copy quality was that of the original..

At program launch we were presented with a slick GUI interface like shown below.


1Click DVD Copy Pro GUI Interface


Next, we inserted the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD. 1Click DVD Copy Pro  quickly scanned in the DVD. We also noticed an array of options at our finger tips. We elected to use the Copy Preset menu to copy the Movie Only. We left everything else at their default settings.

Using the Copy Preset menu to select "Movie Only"


We clicked the Start button to start the process.

Transcoding Process


After approximately 14 minutes, we were prompted to insert a blank DVD. The program automatically resumed and began the DVD burning/writing process.

Prompt to Insert Blank DVD


Burning and Finalizing  the DVD



When the process was completed, a 1Click DVD Copy Pro dialog box reported the process was successful and ejected the copied DVD.

Process Complete!


1Click DVD Copy Pro from start to finish produced a high-quality DVD in 22 minutes. Not bad for a movie that has a runtime of 143 minutes.


Movie Type Runtime Conversion Time to DVD

Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl


143 Minutes

22 Minutes



We really like 1Click DVD Copy Pro for many reasons. The user interface was "gorgeous" and well laid out. We found it easy to navigate. The software ran without a hitch. The feature set included everything one would need for customizing the final DVD Copy product.

The software is truly 1Click technology and sets the standard for all DVD Movie copy products.



Quality of Copy

The final copy was an exact replica of the original. A blindfold test could not tell the difference. You really have to see and experience this for yourself to appreciate the quality of the copied DVD.


If you are looking for a DVD Movie Copy software application that runs without a hitch and does as advertised, if you want a DVD Movie Burning software application that is powerful, fast, and easy to use, then 1Click DVD Copy Pro is what you are looking for. If there is a DVD Copy software program to own, this is the one. Hands Down! Trust us, you will not be disappointed.


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